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Eden Villas

Eden Villas
Senior Citizen Home
For a luxurious
retired stay.

Bharathakshemam Hospital

Bharathakshemam Hospital
Now the hospital has
successfully completed
23 years of service.

Welcome to Bharathakshemam

BHARATHAKSHEMAM is a charitable Company established in 1965, registered under Section 25 of Indian Companies Act 1956. The company is incorporated for the purpose of doing charity to the poor and the downtrodden and to extend help in the area of education and social service. As a part of humanitarian activities, the company has started an institution for the mentally retarded children.

Chairman's Message

Bharathakshemam is a company registered under Section 25 of The Indian Companies Act 1956, incorporated on 20th November 1965. The sole aim of the company is to extend Charity to the poor and needy of the society, mainly in the area of medical treatment and education. Social Service also is one of the main activity of the company.

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